We at restaurant Spesso are thrilled to introduce a new addition to the dynamic and vibrant bar scene on Malmskillnadsgatan. We proudly present Spazio, a new rooftop bar and event space that has opened its doors twelve floors up at Malmskillnadsgatan 38B. Spazio is not just a bar; it’s an experience offering a spectacular 360-degree view of our beautiful city, Stockholm.

As part of the already established duo of Spesso and Tetto, Spazio perfectly complements our vision of offering unique and memorable experiences. With Spesso as a place for exquisite dining and Tetto as a lush rooftop bar inspired by Capri and New York, Spazio now takes our ambition to new heights. At Spazio, our guests can enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view while savoring our exquisite drinks and light dishes.

Spazio is much more than just a place for drinks and mingling; it is a venue for events and social gatherings. With a capacity for 80 seated guests, we offer a mix of comfortable sofas and armchairs that create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. This makes Spazio the perfect place for corporate mingles, after-work gatherings, and private events. Our ambition is for every event at Spazio to be a memorable experience, whether it’s a casual mingle or a more formal affair.

The menu at Spazio is carefully crafted to satisfy all tastes. Our range of drinks includes everything from classic cocktails to innovative and seasonal creations. For those who prefer wine, we offer a selection of carefully chosen wines that pair perfectly with our light dishes and snacks. We are also flexible and can adapt our menu for special events, meaning we can tailor snacks and small dishes to our guests’ preferences.

The name Spazio, meaning “space” in Italian, reflects our desire to create a unique and meaningful place for our guests. Just like Spesso and Tetto, we have chosen an Italian name to honor the culture and atmosphere we strive to convey. Since Tetto opened in 2021, our goal has been to create an environment where our guests can feel transported to a lush oasis in the middle of the city, and with Spazio, we continue to realize this vision.

Spazio is open from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM every Tuesday to Saturday, giving our guests plenty of time to enjoy the sunset over Stockholm while sipping on a perfectly mixed cocktail. The entrance to Spazio is through Tetto, making it easy for our guests to move between our different spaces and experience everything we have to offer.

We at Spesso are incredibly proud to present Spazio and look forward to welcoming both new and returning guests to this fantastic new spot on Malmskillnadsgatan. Welcome to Spazio!


Spesso & Tetto

Summer and spring have arrived in Stockholm, and with them, we are reopening Tetto, our popular terrace. A visit here promises not only magnificent views of the city but also an experience of new and fresh drinks, crafted to suit both sunny afternoons and mild summer evenings. This year, Tetto takes its creativity to new heights with a drink menu focused on innovative flavor combinations, offering guests a chance to explore both classic and more avant-garde cocktails.
Beyond the menu changes, the terrace Tetto is planned to expand further during the summer. This expansion is intended to enhance and enlarge the current space, allowing more visitors to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and the stunning views over Stockholm. Expect an even more engaging and welcoming environment where you can socialize and fully enjoy the summer.

At Spesso, we have also opened our outdoor dining area, where you can enjoy the best of Italian cuisine in a relaxing outdoor setting. We have updated our menu with several new and exciting dishes, including a seasonal favorite—spring lamb with Jerusalem artichokes, and an early start with green asparagus cooked in exquisite citrus butter. This dish is just one in a series of creative and flavorful creations that Spesso offers, all highlighting fresh, local ingredients and the versatility of Italian cuisine.
If you’re in the mood for a smoky twist on a classic cocktail while at Spesso, try the “Absolut Smoky Piña.” This drink combines Absolut Vodka Smoky Piña with Falernum, a sweet spiced liqueur, and is topped with grilled pineapple for a rich and flavorful experience. Perfect for those who appreciate a cocktail with a distinct and powerful blend of sweetness and smokiness.

We at Spesso and Tetto want to offer a harmonious combination of excellent food and drink, and to make this duo one of Stockholm’s most sought-after destinations for both locals and tourists. While Spesso provides an experience of culinary finesse, Tetto offers a relaxed spot for drinks and socializing under the open sky. Together, they create a perfectly balanced experience where each visit is a delight for both palate and spirit.
So, when you are in Stockholm next and looking for a place that truly represents the city’s vibrant life, be sure to stop by us at Spesso and enjoy Tetto’s terrace.

Our restaurant manager and head sommelier, Janni Berndt Dahl, is Sweden’s first female Champagne Knight!

We at Spesso are immensely proud to announce that our very own Janni Berndt Dahl has become the first Swedish woman to receive the highly esteemed title of Champagne Knight, an honor awarded by L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne. This historic moment marks not only a milestone in Janni’s career but also for gender equality within the wine industry.

Janni, who serves as both the restaurant manager and head sommelier here at Spesso, has played a pivotal role in the success of our restaurant since its inception in 2020. With an impressive background from several renowned restaurants and as the chairperson of the Swedish Sommelier Association, Janni continues to inspire and lead not only our team but also the broader sommelier community in Sweden.

L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, which has its roots in the French 17th century and was revived by François Taittinger in 1956, recognizes individuals who demonstrate exceptional skill and passion for Champagne. As a member of this exclusive group, and now alongside Swedish Champagne masters like Richard Juhlin, Janni is a true ambassador for both our restaurant and Champagne as a whole.

We are tremendously proud of Janni’s groundbreaking achievement and look forward to celebrating this with both our team and our guests here at Spesso. Congratulations, Janni, on this well-deserved honor!

Read the announcement here

A night at Spesso

Welcome to Spesso, your gateway to a night filled with culinary delights atop Stockholm. Located just behind the historic Nordiska Kompaniet department store on the twelfth floor near the iconic NK clock, Spesso offers a full evening’s experience. Here, in the heart of the city, we deliver a comprehensive Italian dining experience inspired by the streets of Milan, with a strong emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

At Spesso, our guests receive more than just a meal; they are invited on a culinary journey. Our restaurant and bar, a tribute to modern Italian cuisine, provides an immersive experience that captures the essence of Milanese cooking while adding our unique twist to classic dishes. The menu, meticulously crafted by our head chef Amanda Holm, is both innovative and traditional, ensuring that each visit is a new discovery.

The view from Spesso is truly extraordinary. From our rooftop restaurant, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of Stockholm, providing a spectacular backdrop to your meal. Our guests can appreciate the city’s skyline like never before, enhancing both the food and drink experience to new heights. Our furnishings and interior draw inspiration from 1960s Italian design but with a modern frame.

Spesso is a restaurant for those who appreciate their dining out. Our dining area, designed to accommodate many guests, buzzes with energy and creativity, while our bar and terrace offer a relaxed setting to enjoy starry evenings or sunny days. During the warmer months, our outdoor area opens up to a charming atmosphere reminiscent of a lush Italian garden.

Our head sommelier, Janni Berndt Dahl, chairman of the Swedish Sommelier Association, has personally selected wines that complement every aspect of our menu. Janni, with her deep knowledge and passion for wine, ensures that each wine choice not only matches the food perfectly but also enhances the overall experience. Whether you are a wine lover or just curious about new flavors, Janni has created a wine list that is as enlightening as it is enjoyable.

Spending an evening at Spesso means choosing an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. It is an opportunity to dive deep into Stockholm’s vibrant nightlife from a unique location that combines outstanding food, exceptional wines, and a view that few can match. In a city known for its dynamic culinary scene, Spesso stands out as a shining example of what makes Stockholm so special. It is a destination that attracts both locals and visitors who want to embrace the night and experience something truly extraordinary.

If you are curious about more places to spend delightful evenings in Stockholm, the Stureplansgruppen’s nightlife guide is available below.


Desirée Jaks and Janni Berndt Dahl Recognized as Significant Women in Stureplansgruppen

Last week, during International Women’s Day, the Stureplan Group published an article celebrating the women who drive the group forward and ensure its operation. Our former creative director, Desirée Jaks, was naturally mentioned. She was recognized for her strong commitment to gender equality in the industry and her victory in the Chef of the Year 2023 competition.

Our restaurant manager and head sommelier, Janni Berndt Dahl, was also rightfully highlighted for her involvement as the chairperson of the Swedish Sommelier Association and her outstanding work at Spesso.

A big thank you Stureplansgruppen!

Feel free to read about all the women who are being recognized here!

Drink at Spesso Listed by Stureplansgruppen


Stureplansgruppen has featured signature cocktails in Sweden, and our delightful Rhubarb/Basil is included, offering a rich taste experience that delivers both high flavors and a refreshing sensation. The cocktail is made with Beefeater gin, Cucielo vermouth, rhubarb, basil, and verjus..

Read the full list of signature drinks here

Falstaff Top 100


The venerable Falstaff from Germany has been around since the 1980s and has since been a respected source for everything about wine and food. Their international edition, Falstaff International, is read by hundreds of thousands, and through Falstaff Sweden, they have now published a list of the top hundred restaurants in Sweden.

We at Spesso work hard to maintain the consistent quality we aim to deliver, and being recognized by Falstaff as one of Sweden’s top hundred restaurants is incredibly fun for us. A huge thank you to Falstaff!

Read more.

Valentine’s Day at Spesso


Our lovely penthouse restaurant is available to celebrate Valentine’s Day, either for lunch or dinner. We will offer our regular menu and be prepared to provide our usual high standard of service. Spesso is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner for two or for gathering the single friends for a pleasant dinner in the name of love.

Feel free to book now!

Linjekock Del 4 – Gör din egen lammkorv


Detta avsnitt är ren glädje för sanna entusiaster av korv, individer som delar ett av Viggo Cavlings största intresseområden. Gruppen leds av den före detta chefen för TV4, Jan Scherman, som idag av många anses vara Sveriges mest framstående expert inom korv. Desirée Jaks, vår gastronomiska ledare tar än en gång på sig att agera Viggos mentor i detta avsnitt. Desirées passion för pistagenötter och rosmarin genomsyrar hennes specialkomponerade korvrätt hon lär herr Cavring. Denna delikata rätt inkluderar en kombination av fläsk- och lammfärs, tillsammans med fint malen späck. En fröjd för smaklökarna.

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Vinguiden Del 3 – Vin till Stek


Passande vin till en välsmakande biff. Vår egen Janni Berndt Dahl återvänder, sommelierchef och restaurangchef på Spesso, samt ordförande för svenska Sommelier-föreningen. I detta avsnitt erbjuder Janni sin vägledning om vilken dryck som kompletterar en entrecote bäst. Oljigt, saftigt och smakfullt kött öppnar upp för två alternativ: antingen viner med tanniner eller med fruktig karaktär. Janni har expertisen för att guida dig mot det perfekta vinet. Dessutom utforskar vi aktuella trender och framtida perspektiv inom vinvärlden.

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