Valentine’s Day at Spesso


Our lovely penthouse restaurant is available to celebrate Valentine’s Day, either for lunch or dinner. We will offer our regular menu and be prepared to provide our usual high standard of service. Spesso is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner for two or for gathering the single friends for a pleasant dinner in the name of love.

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Linjekock Del 4 – Gör din egen lammkorv


Detta avsnitt är ren glädje för sanna entusiaster av korv, individer som delar ett av Viggo Cavlings största intresseområden. Gruppen leds av den före detta chefen för TV4, Jan Scherman, som idag av många anses vara Sveriges mest framstående expert inom korv. Desirée Jaks, vår gastronomiska ledare tar än en gång på sig att agera Viggos mentor i detta avsnitt. Desirées passion för pistagenötter och rosmarin genomsyrar hennes specialkomponerade korvrätt hon lär herr Cavring. Denna delikata rätt inkluderar en kombination av fläsk- och lammfärs, tillsammans med fint malen späck. En fröjd för smaklökarna.

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Vinguiden Del 3 – Vin till Stek


Passande vin till en välsmakande biff. Vår egen Janni Berndt Dahl återvänder, sommelierchef och restaurangchef på Spesso, samt ordförande för svenska Sommelier-föreningen. I detta avsnitt erbjuder Janni sin vägledning om vilken dryck som kompletterar en entrecote bäst. Oljigt, saftigt och smakfullt kött öppnar upp för två alternativ: antingen viner med tanniner eller med fruktig karaktär. Janni har expertisen för att guida dig mot det perfekta vinet. Dessutom utforskar vi aktuella trender och framtida perspektiv inom vinvärlden.

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Wine Guide part 2 – wine for steak tartare


Once again, our Head Sommelier, Janni Berndt Dahl, is here to teach Viggo Cavring how to pair wine with steak tartare. Line Cook aims to have the host, Viggo Cavring, learn to stand tall as a line cook within a hundred days. He has us at Spesso, among others, helping him become a cook in the end.

Read more and watch all episodes here!

“Linjekock” Part 2 – Steak Tartare with Turnip Shavings


In part two, Desirée will try to teach Viggo how to make steak tartare with a number of vegetables incorporated into the dish. Our creative chef initially believes this will go better than with lobster ravioli, but we’ll have to wait and see!”

See the whole episode here!

“Linjekock” – The wine guide with head sommelier Janni Berndt Dahl


Next in line to try to school Viggo Cavling in the deep knowledge of the restaurant is our own head sommelier Janni. In this episode, she teaches how to work and think when pairing wine, and what to best pair our lobster ravioli with.

Watch the full episode here!

“Linjekock” with Desirée Jaks


Linecook is a series where Viggo Cavling will try to become a linecook in a professional kitchen in 100 days, and we welcomed him to Spesso! There, our creative director Desirée Jaks tries to teach him how to make Spesso’s acclaimed lobster ravioli and it works… well, it works so so. This is the first episode of season two, and a little later in the week our head sommelier Janni Berndt Dahl will also teach him a little about wine and which wine goes best with the pasta dish.

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Celebrate the New Year at Spesso


In central Stockholm, we will, of course, ring in the new year with grandeur, champagne, and splendor. New Year’s Eve on the 13th floor will be something truly special. With a three-course dinner and a view over the entire city, we at Spesso aim to start the new year in the best possible way.

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Biodynamic Winemaker Christophe Cordier to unveil wines at Spesso on november 16th


For the first time in many years, the equally enigmatic and charismatic winemaker, Christophe Cordier from Burgundy, is coming to Sweden to showcase his outstanding white Burgundy wines. On Thursday, November 16th, he visits Spesso for a relaxed evening immersed in Burgundy’s essence. Naturally, he has selected several exciting wines from his impressive portfolio, available both by the glass and bottle throughout the evening. There will also be an opportunity to participate in a ‘mini-tasting’ of selected wines at a special advantageous price for Spesso’s guests. Don’t miss the chance to converse with a modern Burgundy legend and taste world-class wines!

How does it work?
Christophe will be at Spesso between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM, presenting his wines to all Cordier enthusiasts dropping by. You can drop in at your convenience between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM and take a seat at one of Spesso’s many spots at the bar. Besides the fantastic wines, there’s an opportunity to savor Spesso’s acclaimed food. Spesso has ensured a selection of dishes that pair exceptionally well with Cordier’s wines. You can also make reservations for tables in both the restaurant and the bar to secure your spot.

Warmly welcome,
Spesso and Christophe Cordier

Desirée is the chef of the year 2023!


Absolutely incredible! Our own Desirée Jaks has been named Chef of the Year 2023 tonight!

Desirée faced four challenges where she had to serve four different dishes, each on six plates. The first final challenge involved preparing a cold dish with lobster. Desirée created a starter with Lobster Claw, dill sauce, tomato essence, celery, and a fluffy lobster emulsion. The second task also required lobster, but this time, a warm dish was to be created. Desirée prepared confit lobster with buttery lobster sauce flavored with chili, spicy carrot cream, pumpkin, and citrus. The third task, known as “cook soup on a nail,” involved making a warm dish with Swedish ingredients for a maximum price of 300 SEK. Here, Desirée served grilled king oyster mushrooms, caramelized cream, autumn truffle, and mushroom broth.

The final task was to create an optional main course with reindeer saddle. The dish was to be warm and include beetroot, reindeer blood, and reindeer tongue. Desirée’s final creation consisted of juicy reindeer saddle, reindeer blood sauce, and reindeer tongue. Juniper-smoked and pickled beetroot, grilled skewer with reindeer tongue and mushrooms, along with a sauce with blackcurrant and flavored cabbage leaves.

Desirée showed remarkable resilience, impressing amidst tough competition and displaying exceptional leadership in the kitchen. She stood out as superior to the other competitors as early as the quarter-finals, securing her well-deserved place in the final. The quarter-finals consisted of two tasks where she first created a dish with bird eggs, algae, and shoreline plants, followed by a dish with mackerel and asparagus.

In a statement to Chef of the Year, Desirée said: “I strive to have an influential role in the industry’s development, where we can promote sustainability throughout the entire food chain and make the industry more attractive for new generations.”

Desirée is, of course, our creative leader here at Spesso, and beyond that, she’s also an important member of the National Culinary Team aiming for the 2024 Olympics. Previously, she was part of the Stockholm Culinary Team in 2016, winning the Olympics in Germany. Between 2017 and 2018, she was part of the Junior Culinary Team, competing in the 2018 World Cup and Nordic Young Chef 2018, which she also won.

A big and heartfelt congratulations to Desirée for her well-deserved victory from all of us at Spesso who have witnessed her journey! Wow!

Read the whole article here.

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