The Milano-Italian where the greens are allowed to take the stage.

The rooftop restaurant Spesso sits on the 12th floor right next to the iconic NK clock. The venue boasts a fantastic terrace with a 360-degree panoramic view of Stockholm.

“We call it a Milano-Italian place. To me, it’s about playfully bringing the Italian cuisine into our time. In a classic manner, we focus on seasonal ingredients, while allowing greens to take space, naturally rooted in Italian flavors. With Spesso, we introduce a new spot and an Italian kitchen previously unseen in Stockholm. Our ambitions are high,” says Desirée Jaks, head chef, creative lead and chef of the year 2023.

‘Spesso’ means ‘often’ in Italian. The ambition is to create a place you’d want to revisit. Each return visit offers a new experience based on seasonal shifts, time of day, and the ingredients in season. It doesn’t get more metropolitan than this. At Spesso, you can drop by the bar for a seasonal Negroni or a glass of prosecco, indulge in innovative snacks, or spend an entire evening exploring culinary flavors beyond the ordinary.

Rising star Desirée Jaks oversees this modern Italian establishment and recently clinched the title of Chef of the Year 2023, Sweden’s premier professional cooking competition! It’s something we’re immensely proud of.


Monday-Tuesday 11.30-00.00
Wednesday-Friday 11.30-01.30
Saturday 12.00-01.30
Sunday closed


We also sell gift cards with us, treat someone close
to a 360-degree panoramic view over Stockholm.
Welcome in, and we’ll assist you.


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