Spesso & Tetto

Summer and spring have arrived in Stockholm, and with them, we are reopening Tetto, our popular terrace. A visit here promises not only magnificent views of the city but also an experience of new and fresh drinks, crafted to suit both sunny afternoons and mild summer evenings. This year, Tetto takes its creativity to new heights with a drink menu focused on innovative flavor combinations, offering guests a chance to explore both classic and more avant-garde cocktails.

Beyond the menu changes,  the terrace Tetto is planned to expand further during the summer. This expansion is intended to enhance and enlarge the current space, allowing more visitors to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and the stunning views over Stockholm. Expect an even more engaging and welcoming environment where you can socialize and fully enjoy the summer.

At Spesso, we have also opened our outdoor dining area, where you can enjoy the best of Italian cuisine in a relaxing outdoor setting. We have updated our menu with several new and exciting dishes, including a seasonal favorite—spring lamb with Jerusalem artichokes, and an early start with green asparagus cooked in exquisite citrus butter. This dish is just one in a series of creative and flavorful creations that Spesso offers, all highlighting fresh, local ingredients and the versatility of Italian cuisine.

We at Spesso and Tetto want to offer a harmonious combination of excellent food and drink, and to make this duo one of Stockholm’s most sought-after destinations for both locals and tourists. While Spesso provides an experience of culinary finesse, Tetto offers a relaxed spot for drinks and socializing under the open sky. Together, they create a perfectly balanced experience where each visit is a delight for both palate and spirit.

So, when you are in Stockholm next and looking for a place that truly represents the city’s vibrant life, be sure to stop by us at Spesso and enjoy Tetto’s terrace.

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