Johanna, Desirée, and Nils are three of many talented chefs at Spesso. Right now, the trio is gearing up for prestigious competitions, with Johanna and Desirée in the Culinary Olympics and Nils in the Young Chef of the Year contest.

Johanna serves as the Pastry Chef at Spesso and has been part of the team since its opening. Both Johanna and Desirée have previously competed in the Culinary Olympics and are now back to represent Sweden in Stuttgart 2024.

“It feels incredibly exciting and it’s a great honor to be a part of this. It’s one of the biggest competitions in our industry. Being able to represent Sweden is a dream come true!” Johanna shared with us when we had the chance to meet her.

Nils is one of Spesso’s youngest stars. He left Linköping to pursue his culinary career here in Stockholm. Now, a year later, he’s one of the six finalists in the Young Chef of the Year competition.

“There have been many late nights here at Spesso, before and after service, preparing myself for the competition. I know how to cook, and I believe in the quality of what I do. The challenge will probably be not to stress out and get nervous,” Nils explained.

Congratulations to them all!

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